Common Mistakes and Summary

Especially when you start learning how to use OKRs in an impactful way, it is normal and expected that you may make some mistakes. But try not to be like Terry! Here’s some mistakes he made:

  1. Having too many OKRs. Remember, if everything is important, nothing is! You should aim to have 3-5 Objectives, and each should have 3-5 Key Results attached to them.

2. Being unrealistic. OKRs should be a “big win” and so will be stretching. It is possible you will not reach all of your OKRs, often through not fault of your own – but you will have made significant progress even on those you don’t achieve, which is moving you forwards.

3. Writing Objectives out of context or alignment with your wider team/organisation. One or two OKRs might be specific to you (we have already mentioned MPD and educational goals), but most of your OKRs should help your team/organisation reach your mission and greater objectives.

4. Writing and forgetting. OKRs should help you plan your day/week/month and inform you of your progress, not just be a tool to use during an annual evaluation. You should also to evaluate and re-write your OKRs during the year if you find you have been unrealistic in meeting one of the OKRs.

5. PRAY! It is God’s movement, not our own – allow Him to guide you and your team so that your work is in alignment with His work and plans for your country movement.