Time Activate and Evaluate Often

The best way to start reaching your OKRs is to block time in your calendar for tasks you need to do in order to reach your Key Results – you should be “pro-active” in organising your time.

For example, at the beginning of each month, ask yourself “What 3 things do I need to achieve in order to make significant progress on some Key Results this month?” Write down those 3 Key Results. Then…

Block off a regular time in your calendar in order to have the time to work on those Key Results (for example, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-11am) even if you do not yet know what you will do during those times. Then…

At the beginning of each week, ask yourself which 3 tasks that week will help you reach your monthly key results – then put them into your calendar into your “saved” spots.

You can also take this further by daily asking yourself “Which 3 tasks should I do today in order to reach my weekly goal?”

You should then use your OKRs in your uplink/team meetings to check your progress in reaching your objectives. Most objectives are met little by little over time. If you do not regularly check your progress, there is a danger that you will leave attaining your OKR to the last minute – other things will fill your calendar. While other things may be important, your OKRs should have the priority when you are planning your day/week/month.